Watch Ambulances And Fire Trucks Drag Race In Thailand

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The dragsters are heavily modified with parts like carbon fiber panels and even a speaker system.

Private individuals own and operate medical transport vehicles in Thailand, and it seems that when they're not being used to help the public, modified models hit the drag strip for a spot of racing.

That's right - heavily modified rescue vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances contend in a drag race event in Thailand. We've seen weird drag race matchups before, but this one is definitely on a whole different level.

The quarter-mile drag strip is located two hours outside Bangkok, and CB Media saw the entrants equipped with mind-boggling parts. The ambulances were predominantly Toyota Hiaces, also known as the Commuter in the Land of Smiles. It is an ideal choice for medical transport with the generous cargo room at the back.

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One of the owners chose to install a comprehensive sound speaker system complete with subwoofers. We're not sure how that's helpful for patients, but it is a legitimate medical car. The event only allows units registered as "working ambulances."

While America took the initiative to create its first all-electric ambulance, most entries at the Thai drag strip used a turbodiesel mill. Some of them were pickup trucks, including the Mitsubishi Strada, Isuzu D-Max, and indestructible Toyota Hilux - the counterpart of the Tacoma for the US market.

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One takeaway is that Thai people do take their drag racing seriously. The dragsters came equipped with carbon fiber body panels and dedicated drag radials. An ambulance van finished the quarter-mile drag strip in 16.2 seconds. Meanwhile, a red Isuzu D-Max turned up and completed its run in 14.1 seconds. The times may be far from competitive drag racing, but it sure looked fun.

As cool as these trucks may be, they are not available in the US. That's mainly because of the so-called Chicken Tax, which adds a 25% tariff to imported light trucks.

While the drag racing event for emergency vehicles looked like a blast, we hope those who need their help were attended to during the festivity.

CB Media/YouTube CB Media/YouTube CB Media/YouTube

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