Watch An American Top Gear Host Tear Through San Diego

In a three-wheeled beast.

American Top Gear was never as good as the old, UK Top Gear, but one of the presenters—Tanner Foust—is an extremely skilled driver. In the video below, Foust gets into a modified Polaris Slingshot and absolutely flies through San Diego. The Slingshot was built specifically for the video by a shop called SlingStreet in Florida that added a turbocharger to the 2.4-liter EcoTec engine for a total of 400 hp. That’s a lot of power for one wheel to handle and, as Foust shows us, the three-wheeler can roast it’s rear tire with ease.

The Slingshot is awesome when stock, but we're glad someone has made a 400-hp version. Check out the video to see why.

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