Watch An Ariel Atom Almost Cause A Million-Dollar Fender Bender

The rapid offroader got painfully close to the £1.98-million hypercar.

When the supercars go up the Goodwood hill climb, they go off at 15-second intervals. With cars rocketing to 60 mph in three seconds, that’s plenty of time to ensure a safe distance between them. On the way down the hill, drivers are in cruise mode. Helmets are off, and the focus is on putting on a bit of a show for the adoring public in the form of burnouts and wheel spins, as opposed to raw speed. But the driver of the Ariel Nomad – an offroad variant of the insane Ariel Atom – almost took things too far.

As cars make their way down the hill nice and easy, the Nomad decides to hit the gas. The only problem for him is that the McLaren P1 GTR in front has failed to do likewise. The result is a heart-in-the-mouth wheel skid and a very near rear-end collision with the £1.98 m track-only hypercar.

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