Watch An Audi R8 Drift Around A Snowy Mountain Road

Who said supercars needed to stay in the garage?

If you owned a supercar, would you keep it nice and pretty, put a few thousand miles on it per year and use it to pick up your kids from school? Would you take it to a track a few times and cautiously put down some embarrassing lap times? One would hope you'd be damn sure to get about as much fun out of it as possible, no matter the activity. Here's someone who takes that sentiment to heart, and you can see them having fun sliding their Audi R8 up a mountain covered in snow. Indeed, the R8 can tackle various terrain other than tarmac.

It's even more impressive that the R8 is spinning out with its AWD setup. It certainly takes some risk out of the excitement, but that's OK when you're throwing around a car as awesome as an R8 within inches of a cliff. There's also no doubt that a supercar just looks good in the winter.

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