Watch An E30 BMW M3 Pickup Truck Strip A Christmas Tree Naked

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An E30 M3 pickup? Yes, it does exist. Unlike Santa Claus.

Way back in 1986, BMW engineers came up with a wild idea: turn the 3 Series into a high-performance coupe. The result was the original E30 M3, and the rest is history. But people at BMW wondered whether the first M3 could serve other purposes. For example, the BMW Motorsport department realized it could also be utilized for transporting equipment and parts around its testing center near Munich. Problem was, a lack of storage space. The solution was simple: a small pickup truck, though it never made production.

Not long afterwards, a 3 Series convertible was turned into the M3 pickup truck. "The convertible bodyshell was chosen as the basis for two reasons," recalls Jakob Polschak, head of vehicle prototype building and workshops at BMW M Division and an employee at the company for more than 40 years.

"Firstly, we happened to have such a model at our disposal and in perfect condition. And secondly, the convertible's built-in bracing made it the ideal choice for a pickup conversion." And with that, now it's time to check out an old E30 M3 pickup truck in action as it's used to haul a Christmas tree home. The driver had fun. His wife and daughter weren't pleased.

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