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Watch An Electric Ford F-150 Tow More Than A Million Pounds

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Ford's battle against Tesla's EV pickup begins now.

Ford has already gone on record stating its plans to develop and subsequently launch an all-electric F-150 full-size pickup truck. We don't know when exactly it'll happen, but it can't be too far off. This new video clearly indicates that. The Blue Oval has released a video showcasing a prototype electric F-150 doing something pretty incredible: towing more than 1 million pounds of freight trains and other F-150s.

With a group of devoted and longtime F-150 owners on hand, Linda Zhang, chief engineer of the F-150, demonstrates the prototype's extraordinary towing capabilities. That's instant torque for you. We should, however, point out a few observations. First off, this video is a bit similar to those awful Chevrolet "real people" commercials. Hey, actors are real people, too. What's a fake person?

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Anyway, the F-150 prototype is merely that, a prototype. The eventual production version will not be able to tow over 1 million pounds. Who needs to tow that much at once? No one. Trains are meant to be pulled by trains. The point Ford is making is that it knows how to build an EV pickup with extraordinary towing capabilities. Whether or not the production model will have the same pulling power remains to be seen.

It's also worth pointing out that at the bottom of the press release, Ford states the following: "The all-electric F-150 prototype is towing far beyond any production truck's published capacity in a one-time short event demonstration. Never tow beyond a vehicle's towing capacities. Always consult the Owner's Manual."

And there you have it. Still, watching an all-electric F-150 pull all of that weight is quite something. Ford also states the hybrid F-150 is set to go on sale in 2020, while the all-electric variant will arrive sometime afterward. Will it be here before Elon Musk and Tesla launch an EV truck? What about Chevy and Ram? The clock is ticking.