Watch An F1 Car Try To Run Down A McLaren 650S In This Incredible 360-Degree Video

Oh, and there's a Honda Civic Sport for fun/laughs.

This video is awesome for so many reasons. For starters, the premise is pretty damn cool. A Honda Civic Sport and McLaren 650S race an F1 car around Silverstone, with the non-F1 vehicles getting a head start of 10 seconds. That’s badass enough on its own, but then you add in the fact that this video is shot in 360 degrees and things get nutty. You see that directional pad in the top-left corner? Yup, you can use it to adjust your viewing angle throughout the video.

In terms of the race itself, you already know the outcome. Still, it’s awesome to watch it from all angles and to see just how close the McLaren comes to winning.

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