Watch An F1 Engine Shoot Flames While Just Warming Up


It runs on high octane science.

The engines used in Formula 1 are completely unlike anything else in motorsports. This is because the budgets for F1 teams are similarly other-worldly, but 19,000 rpm redlines certainly don’t come cheap. The full extent of the insanity of these engines isn’t always appreciated when you watch the races, except inasmuch as they are very loud, but that’s hardly unique for race cars. So here is an F1 that’s just running a bit to warm up.

New to the 2011 Nissan Altima Hybrid is the optional Leather Package that contains automatic climate control, one-touch power sunroof, an updated Bose audio system, leather seating, padded leather armrest cover, as well as simulated leather door trim panels. The 2011 Hybrid also comes with an optional Side Airbag Package that contains side-curtain airbags.

Watch as the exhaust manifold starts to glow first red and then white with the extreme heat it’s dealing with.

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