Watch An Idiot Driver Prove Why He's An Idiot Driver


Hold the applause.

It was all supposed to be fun and games, but the night didn't end that way for the owner/driver of this Ford Mustang. This past Saturday night, May 6, at the weekly Scottsdale Pavilions, one of the longest running US car and motorcycle shows, a pair of Ford Mustang owners thought it'd be fun to, you know, show off their mad driving skills. Maybe they just came from seeing "Fate of the Furious," who knows? While one of the Mustangs only managed to spin out, the second one lost control completely and smashed into a wall.

Heck, it nearly took out the guy, a one Damien Miller, who filmed this video. Mr. Miller, congratulations! You're alive and unharmed! The driver's condition (or of any passengers) is unknown, but we're fairly certain there weren't any serious injuries.

And it's a minor miracle more people weren't standing around Miller, otherwise things could've been so much worse. The event's organizers really ought to lay out some basic ground rules for attendees, and the first one should forbid any reckless driving, such as sliding, donuts, etc. It's simply too easy for things to not go as intended.

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