Watch An Impatient BMW Z4 Driver Cause A Multi-Car Crash


This unnecessary crash only reinforces the stereotype that BMW drivers don't check their mirrors.

It's incredibly frustrating when you see a traffic accident that could have been so easily avoided. That is certainly the case in this nasty-looking accident on a highway in England captured from a dash cam. The root of the crash? Sheer stupidity and impatience, we're betting. While waiting in stalled traffic, the impatient driver of a BMW Z4 pulls out, but severely misjudges the speed of the oncoming traffic. Either that or they didn't check their mirrors, which only reinforces the age-old stereotype of BMW drivers.

At 1:10, the driver's impatience has severe consequences. The Z4 pulls out into the path of an oncoming Citroen DS3, which clips its right side and causes a van to also get caught up in the crash. The force of the impact was so severe that the DS3 gets airborne and nearly flips over.

The crash caused the DS3 to violently spin out of control before getting hit by the van which couldn't slow down in time. It then veers across several lanes and collides into another stalled car waiting in traffic. Fortunately, the impact didn't cause the BMW Z4 driver to lose control and cause even more carnage, but the damage must be hefty. According to The Sun, one driver was trapped and needed hospital treatment. The user who uploaded the video sums up the situation perfectly: "This is the sort of carnage you can cause by driving like an absolute c***."

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