Watch And Cry As This Tail-Heavy Corvette Z06 Tips Off Lift

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This is why you should strap a car down before lifting it.

Have you ever had a bad day at work? Of course you have. Even the coolest jobs have sucky days, like when we have to leave the test cars parked in the garage to get some admin done.

Few of you have had a day as bad as the unfortunate man in this video. The C6 Chevrolet Corvette was obviously stripped, ready for some refurbishment or upgrade. The C6 is one of the easiest cars to customize, with some owners even going as far as bolting a 3.0-liter Toyota 2JZ inline-six under the hood.

The technician then proceeded to lift the car, after which it tipped over backward, sliding neatly to the ground below. The diabolical lift also had no problems crushing the lightweight plastic panels at the Vette's front.

Following this incident, the technician simply leaves the shop floor. Most likely to get something stronger than shop floor coffee or get a head start at the unemployment line.

It's a funny yet sad fail video. The kind you get on your phone, chuckle at and then get on with your life.

Thankfully, this video was posted to Reddit. Most of the comments are just fluff, but one wise man eventually asked the question all car guys were pondering: "How did this happen?"

Reddit brings out the best and worst in people, and in this case, it turned out to be the former. An actual Corvette-certified tech weighed in on the situation. It turns out the technician at least started out doing a good job. The Corvette has dedicated spots on the frame for lift pads, and this particular technician had the lift arms in the right place. Unfortunately, he forgot to follow GM's guidelines, stating that the Corvette needs to be strapped down when removing a heavy component from the car. In this case, that heavy component is the V8 engine. We can't see whether the gearbox was still in there, but it definitively would have contributed to the tipping. The C6 had a transaxle layout, which is just one of the many cool things about it.

Corvette Shorts & More/YouTube
Corvette Shorts & More/YouTube
Corvette Shorts & More/YouTube

Without the engine up front, the rear weighs more. Think of it as a see-saw, but with a skinny kid on one end and a fat kid on the other. Tipping over was inevitable. Oh gravity, thou art a heartless… well, you know the rest. The infamous National Corvette Museum sinkhole thought as that much.

There is some good news, however. A shop owner commented on the situation and stated that "stuff happens." He put it less eloquently, but you get the idea. According to the shop owner, the first response in 90% of such cases is actually quite nice. Most owners want to know whether the technician is okay. And besides, insurance exists. The shop owner also states that if it's a customer's primary vehicle, they will pay for a rental car while the dropped car is fixed.

We can tell you one thing for certain. Once something like this happens to a person, it never happens again. The unnamed technician will always remember to strap a car down before hoisting it up in the air.

Corvette Shorts & More/YouTube
Corvette Shorts & More/YouTube
Corvette Shorts & More/YouTube

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