Watch And Hear The Super-Rare Ferrari F12 N-Largo Imitate An F1 Car On The Autobahn

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The scream of that V12 is absolutely ferocious!

The Ferrari F12 N-Largo is a modified version of the F12berlinetta that has been enhanced to produce 770 horsepower, and in this video from AutoTopNL, we can watch and hear each of those ponies put to work. The 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 was wrung out on the German autobahn, where it tried to get as close to its top speed of 217 mph, but due to the traffic on the stretch of motorway, the driver struggled to get a clean run in. That's actually a good thing, as we get to hear raucous downshifts and more high-rpm screams each time the car has to slow down and accelerate again. Check out the video below, and if you're using headphones, beware - the F12 N-Largo's exhaust note is anything but subdued.


Due to the traffic, the highest speed recorded in the video is around 186 mph, and the modified Ferrari seems easily capable of cresting that with enough free air.

However, we're not sure there will be too many opportunities to hear this particular car chase its top speed. Just 15 of these were converted by Novitec, and as such a rare car, it's not every day that one gets driven as it should. Moreover, as the world embraces turbocharging and electrification more and more, opportunities to hear a screaming engine of any sort are becoming less frequent. There have also been numerous campaigns to try to apply speed limits to all sections of the autobahn, which means that there may come a time when we won't even be able to watch a Tesla aim for its top speed on the public highway.


Until then, we hope more Ferraris (particularly those modified by Novitec) get driven hard on the famous motorways. While the F12berlinetta is no longer in production, Novitec hasn't stopped making the most of the naturally aspirated Ferrari V12. The tuner has also applied its trademark upgrades to the 812 (which succeeded the F12 and eventually spawned the hardcore 812 Competizione), and even when turbocharging is a part of the powertrain, Novitec has been able to work wonders with exhaust tuning. Let's hope that lobbyists don't get their way, and we can continue to hear supercars like this chase high speeds the way they were meant to for years to come.


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