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Watch And Listen To A LaFerrari Aperta Tackle A Hill Climb

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On a closed road, we may add.

Considering only 210 examples were made, we doubt all of those who bought a LaFerrari Aperta would dare to take it on a hill climb for a number of reasons. First off, you could crash and that'd be the end of both you and the car. Not pretty. Or, you could lose control and, while you survived the resulting crash, the car didn't. Things can go wrong as they often do. But why not chance it and rely driving skills and the capabilities of the car itself? That's precisely what the owner of this LaFerrari Aperta did when he took the car on a closed road hill climb.

No damage. No crashes. Just pure uphill driving, full of twists and turns on a slippery tarmac. The onboard footage was taken by 'Powerslide Lover' who specifically added that this wasn't his fastest run, and was just one second slower than his best time.

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Still, the driving itself was quite impressive, especially with a total of 950 hp to work with. And due to that slippery pavement, the owner/driver claims he preferred to upshift and use a lot of torque from the electric engine. Wise move. Awesome video footage. It sounds incredible. Too bad more LaFerrari owners out there aren't always willing to, you know, actually drive their cars the way they were meant to be driven.