Watch And Listen To The Bugatti Chiron's 'Easy Drift' Function

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A standard feature on the Chiron is the ability to make the most expensive cloud ever.

First we got to see the Bugatti Chiron in all of its glory at the Geneva Auto Show and then we heard its outrageous performance numbers. Now don't stop your head from spinning just yet because it seems we've gotten a few more tidbits about the Chiron, including some live action footage. If you haven't noticed, the Chiron's top speed isn't any faster than the Veyron's. Apparently this is because tire technology hasn't advanced fast enough to combine city driving and a top speed approaching 300 mph into a single tire.

While this leaves us a bit disappointed (we were expecting a game changer, not a Koenigsegg competitor), it wouldn't be out of scope for Bugatti to be hiding a set of special "top speed only" tires for a later reveal that can flirt with 300 mph.

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To appease people who have already put down cash for the car (350 remain for sale and apparently there is a single buyer who has purchased six Chirons), Bugatti has put in a torque vectoring system at the rear wheels that gives the car an "easy to drift" function. This will keep Ken Block and Chris Harris happy but if a set of Chiron tires cost anywhere near the price of the Veyron's $42,000 rubber, then we'll likely have a new crown for the most expensive drift car ever. Turn up the volume around the 15-second mark to hear the 8.0-liter quad-turbo monster in action.

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