Watch And Listen To The Evolution Of The Toyota Supra


It thrived in the 1980s and a chunk of the 90s. Discontinued in 2002. Reborn in 2018?

Back in 1978 Toyota launched its first generation Supra. It was, essentially, a slightly stretched version of the Celica, lengthened for the specific purpose of adding an inline-six engine instead of the Celica’s four-cylinder. Like any Toyota, it was extremely well engineered and the Japanese automaker quickly realized it was on to something, so it continued evolving the Supra. Donut Media, in light of the upcoming arrival of the reborn Supra, has compiled the brief, but interesting, history of the Supra in its latest evolution series video.

As is the case with most sports cars, the Supra, or rather the Celica Supra until 1986, gained more power every few years, ultimately culminating in the 90s favorite twin-turbo Supra.

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Obviously most of us know that Supra from its days starring in The Fast and Furious. But did you know that Toyota didn’t fully separate the Supra from the Celica until 1986? Heck, the first Turbo Supra didn’t appear in the US until 1987. Sadly, the Supra was dropped entirely in 2002, due to low demand. No successor arrived. Until (nearly) now, that is. Expect the all-new Supra (which won't even wear a Toyota badge) to appear sometime next year.