Watch And Listen To The Ferrari Portofino In Action

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Just days after its online reveal, the all-new Ferrari has been spotted on the street.

We were all a little taken aback at the unexpected reveal of the Ferrari Portofino. The replacement for the California T came out of left field and we can't wait to check it out in person at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Seeing a car in the metal is a completely different experience to pouring over a few images. In the meantime, we have what appears to be the first video of the new Prancing Horse caught cruising around the coastal city of Koper in Slovenia by blazhudnik.

The video shows the supercar in profile, with some nice slow-mo shots that give us a chance to see the car in motion, if not really hear its 600-hp 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8.

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We'll have to wait a bit longer to hear it really scream as it redlines at 7,500 rpm and hopefully someone will take it to the track or Autobahn to see what Ferrari means when it says the Portofino has a top speed in excess of 199 mph. You could be excused for thinking this is just a facelifted California T. But you'd be dead wrong. The Portofino rides on an all-new, significantly lighter, chassis, boasts a completely reengineered exhaust system, as well as electronic power steering, Ferrari's third-gen electronic rear diff, and is far more sleek and sexy than the car it replaces. Bad luck if you've just bought yourself a California T. The Portofino is a significantly better car and one that will likely carry a similar price tag.

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