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Watch And Weep As McLaren Senna Burns To The Ground

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This is painful for any supercar enthusiast to watch.

YouTuber Salomondrin desperately wanted a McLaren Senna as soon as it was announced. His dream came true last year, but it was sadly short-lived. After owning the car for just 11 days and racking up 400 miles, Salomondrin's McLaren Senna was destroyed in a fire and "melted to the ground" due to an unexplained malfunction.

Salomondrin has now uploaded a raw video showing the Senna's fiery demise as it happened. It's painful to watch knowing that McLaren is only making 500 examples. Luckily, and more importantly, nobody was hurt as Salomondrin and his wife managed to safely escape the burning car before things got serious.

The cause of the fire still hasn't been explained, but Salomondrin recalls how the car's exhaust starting to spit out flames while he was driving home. After realizing he was in an area with lots of trees on both sides of a narrow road, he accelerated and reached a safer area with less vegetation.

After pulling over, Salomondrin tried to put out the fire by pouring a bottle of water onto the back of the engine, but it wasn't enough to stop the engine compartment from catching fire. Before long, the car was completely engulfed in flames. All he could do was watch helplessly knowing there was no way of saving his dream car while waiting for the fire department to arrive.

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Several other curious drivers also pulled up to take a closer look at the burning Senna, which was obviously extremely dangerous since the car was ready to explode. Another driver even blocked the fire truck's path for a few seconds. While filming the fire, Salomondrin mentioned the Senna exploded at least three times.

Fortunately, Salomondrin is covered by insurance and is currently waiting for the insurance company to assess the damage. Let's hope McLaren replaces the burnt-out Senna so Salomondrin can relive his dream.