WATCH: BMW M2 With Eisenmann Exhaust Sounds Almost Illegal

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Letting all those pops and gurgles out.

The US-based aftermarket parts seller IND-Distribution, the same crew who gave the BMW M2 Competition a wild makeover back in 2020, is developing a new track-ready exhaust system for the 2023 BMW M2 (G87). It is now in its prototype stage, and the company also posted a video demonstrating what this system can do.

In a nutshell, the American aftermarket part distributor, together with German-based race exhaust specialist Eisenmann, aims to make a lightweight exhaust system that will allow the M2's 453-horsepower 3.0-liter engine to roar while keeping the cabin quiet and comfy. To do that, the company retained the Bavarian car maker's valve control while adding a non-resonated center section.

IND Distribution IND Distribution/Youtube

As seen in the video above, the aftermarket parts company tested the M2 fitted with the Eisenmann prototype exhaust system with the valves open and closed - both while idling and accelerating. With the valves closed, the high-performance Bimmer remained quiet and civilized. We reckon that it's quiet enough for public roads in this setting.

With the valves open, the Eisenmann prototype gives a richer sound compared to the stock exhaust system. In particular, the cracks, pops, and burbles of the car are more distinguishable and a lot more audible.

With regards to how it looks, the Eisenmann prototype doesn't change the M2's rear profile that much. In fact, the test vehicle that the company used on the video appeared stock.

IND Distribution/Youtube IND Distribution/Youtube

We can also assume that the parts company didn't give the BMW M2 test vehicle an aftermarket tune. That said, one can only imagine the countless possibilities of making this exhaust system sing to the fullest with the proper ECU tune.

While all of that sounds exciting to you Bimmer-heads, IND-Distribution is yet to give this upcoming exhaust system a price tag. Judging by the brand's currently available exhaust kits, it might end up being more affordable than the M2 center exhaust from the BMW-developed M Performance parts which is said to be priced north of $8,000.

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