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Watch BMW Put Its Big New X7 To The Test

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Geared for the road or off it, the X7 still needs to endure pre-production punishment

It's been nearly two decades since BMW launched the X5 as its first crossover – or "Sports Activity Vehicle," in Bimmer-speak. In the years since, it's been steadily expanding its lineup with smaller crossovers and slantback coupe versions thereof. But now it's preparing to launch a larger one. And as this video aptly demonstrates, it's been putting the prototypes to the test.

As most any automaker does with every vehicle it makes, BMW has been testing its forthcoming X7 in a punishing and wide array of conditions – from extremely hot temperatures to deep freeze, and from wide open highways to increasingly congested city streets.

The idea, of course, is to iron out any kinks before the new full-size crossover enters production and its customers subject it to the rigors of daily driving around the world. Because while a luxury crossover like the forthcoming BMW X7 may be geared more towards driving on the road than off it, it'll still need to stand up to a full range of conditions.

The higher-riding counterpart to the 7 Series sedan and the new 8 Series coupe will serve as BMW's flagship SUV, bridging the gap between the latest X5 and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan – both of which have just recently been revealed.

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The new X7 will square off directly against Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class in the market for full-size luxury crossovers. It'll also help the Bavarian automaker further expand its X series as a growing number of luxury brands get into the sport-ute game – including Jaguar and Maserati, which have recently joined the game alongside Rolls-Royce and Bentley, soon to be joined by Aston Martin and even Ferrari. It's a market that few upscale marques can afford to ignore, following the lead set by Porsche with its Cayenne and smaller Macan. And BMW will seek to solidify its place with the arrival of its largest model yet.