Watch Chris Harris Explain Why The Bugatti Chiron Is Absolutely Mental

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Would he prefer the Chiron over the Ferrari FXXK?

Top Gear co-host and lead foot driver Chris Harris has driven the new Bugatti Chiron, and he has a few things to say about it, especially in regards to its Veyron predecessor and even the Ferrari FXXK. More on the latter in a moment. Now, anyone who still somehow thinks the Chiron is little more than a refined Veyron couldn't be more wrong. And, for the record, the Chiron is much prettier than a large flippered marine mammal. Quite honestly, it's stunning, inside and out.

But how does it drive? Is it, like the Veyron, a brilliant straight line shooter that just pulls and pulls across the tarmac? Or is it also a brilliant driving machine engineered for twisty roads?


Okay, so we don't want to give away Monkey's opinions before you see the video, but let's put it this way: When asked whether he'd take a Chiron or a Ferrari FXXK if he were given 2 million pounds to spend, he hesitates. Pauses. And hesitates again. And we all know how he felt regarding the FXXK's driving experience, which was shown in the first episode of this season. Point being, the Chiron is one hell of a thing, and it's wonderfully mental.


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