Watch Chris Harris Prove (Again) He Has The Greatest Job In The World

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Work sucks - except for this guy.

The guy whose nickname is "Monkey" also has, hands-down, the greatest job on this planet. Even non-gearheads will totally get why Chris Harris is a lucky dude; traveling the globe to get behind the wheel of wicked fast and expensive supercars cars and getting paid for it. Can't argue with that. While we're waiting for Monkey's upcoming "Holy Trinity" supercar comparison – it will be epic, that's for sure – take a few minutes and check out his latest: A track comparison between the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Aston Martin GT12, and the McLaren 650S.

Yes, the 650S; not the 675LT. There's a reason why. Anyway, you'd be right to assume the Porsche is the car to beat, but is it really world's better than the other two? Check out Monkey's latest "my job is way better than yours" video and try to contain the jealousy.

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