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Watch Chris Harris’ Reaction As He Launches A P100D For The First Time

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Is this what it’ll take to sell Chris Harris on electric cars?

He hasn't exactly replaced Jeremy Clarkson or the rest of the Top Gear trio, but Chris Harris' name carries plenty of clout in the automotive world. While he's much more at home going sideways at the helm of a Porsche 911 of some sort, it's about time he gets around to exploring the performance of the Tesla Model S P100D. According to the man himself, Harris hasn't had much time behind the wheel of a Tesla because he's scared of the changes it implies for the industry he loves.

Unfortunately, shutting your eyes and covering your ears isn't the best way to get rid of a problem because once they open again, it's right there and in your face. Harris concludes that he has to get rid of the Model S another way-by launching it towards the horizon using Ludicrous Mode.

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For a guy who's gotten behind the wheel of just about everything else, it's strange to hear that Harris has never launched a Model S P100D before. To see how it compares to regular gasoline cars, he brings along a 911 R-something that puts up serious performance numbers but requires a driver that knows how to use it. The look on his face as he launches the Model S is one of sheer surprise, and the quickly vanishing sound of that metallic 4.0-liter flat-six engine only serves to show us just how badly the Tesla beats the motorized performance icon.