Watch Chris Harris Slide Around A Mercedes-AMG C63 S With Me Sitting Shotgun

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Needless to say, it was wicked fun.

Pulling into the Top Gear studio parking lot, I couldn't help but stare at the track before me, the one I've seen countless times on the TV. It was all there: Hammerhead, Gambon, that 747 parked in the background. Oh, and did I mention there were heavy winds and rain that smacked your face in a very unpleasant way? Fortunately the bad weather (called Storm Doris, no joke) didn't matter and an hour later I was sitting shotgun in a 503-hp Mercedes-AMG C63 S with host Chris Harris at the helm.

The track was slippery as all hell but so what? I'm alive. So is Chris Harris, and the car is fine. This was just part of my day visiting the Top Gear studio, where I interviewed the three hosts individually as well. But I gotta be honest: the hot laps with Harris were the most fun. Perhaps it's because he didn't hold back much?

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As you're about to see in the Go Pro video, Harris is skilled at talking while driving, a basic requirement for any Top Gear host. Isn't that right, Chris Evans? But anyway, kick back and check out the video. I hope you enjoy watching it (almost) as much as I did while filming it. And, of course, be sure to watch the premiere of the new season of Top Gear on Sunday, March 12 at 8/7 central on BBC America.

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