Watch Chris Harris Struggle To Choose Supercars For A Road Trip


The worst part is having to choose which cars not to take.

How on Earth do you whittle down a collection of 13 of the best performance cars this world has to offer into a pile of only seven? That’s like having 13 family members your love dearly and having to figure out which of the six you could do without. Eliminating family members might be easier to do if any arguments were started at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but if that’s the case then the choices Chris Harris has to make during this automotive selection process should prove to be more difficult.

In spirit of the challenge, Harris gets behind Top Gear’s cameras as well as the steering wheels of 13 amazing supercars to figure out which six he could do without. The seven remaining cars will be taken on a long road trip to Scotland.

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One would think that the road trip part of the challenge means that uncomfortable supercars would have to be abandoned in favor of grand touring luxury cars, but that’s plain wrong. Harris being Harris, no supercar is too much of a pain to take on public roads. His elimination strategy is to start with the cars he would loves the most and has to bring and then cut the remaining cars off the list. In either case there’s no denying that some truly magnificent and deserving cars will have to be left behind. The stars of the show are predictable, a McLaren 720S, a Ford GT, a Lamborghini Huracan Performante, you get the gist. Just don’t feel too bad for other worthy machines like the BMW M4 CS or the Lexus LC500.