Watch Clarkson Destroy Farmland While Rallying A Subaru WRX STI

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Presenting Farmkhana starring Jeremy Clarkson.

Last week's episode of The Grand Tour saw Jeremy Clarkson demonstrate his rally driving skills fused with some Ken Block Gymkhana inspiration. Let's call it Farmkhana instead because, clearly, it took place on a farm that in all likelihood doesn't belong to him. Some other poor sap was somehow convinced to let his land be used for Clarkson's "Ultimate Country Playground." But as it turns out, Clarkson is a pretty darn good driver. Of course he doesn't care about the so-called rules. Heck, he terrorizes a flock of sheep. Several times.

Nor did he give much of a crap about his Subaru WRX STI's overall condition. It definitely didn't emerge from this ordeal unscathed. But what we'd love to see is the unedited version of this prior to airing. But in any case, time to watch this epic drive again.

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Obviously The Grand Tour employs a top notch editing team that makes everything Clarkson does here look amazing. Hopefully no sheep were harmed. But there can be no argument about this: the best facial the world. Welcome guys, once again, to all of the benefits of having an unlimited production budget.

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