Corvette Z06 Owner Catches Service Technician Joyriding In His Car

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This is one way of not endearing loyalty to your dealership.

We've run out of words to express our disdain for dealer employees who take customer cars for joyrides when they've been trusted to carry out work. Still, we now have another example of such behavior after a video posted to YouTube showcased just that.

Published by NyteFall's Cars and Stuff, the video detailed how his 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C7 generation) was checked in at a dealer to resolve a misfire, only for there to be multiple delays, alleged theft of his sunglasses, and upon rewatching dashcam footage, proof of at least two joyrides taken by dealer staff.

According to the owner, this started when he serviced the sports car at Modern Chevrolet of Burlington, NC, on July 31 to deal with a misfire. The dealership didn't touch it for days, so he retrieved it and brought it back on August 7. In total, it took the dealer's technicians two weeks to fix the misfires caused by a faulty injector.

UPDATE 08/29: The video showcasing dashcam footage of the joyrides has subsequently been removed from YouTube. The reason for this is unclear, but CarBuzz has reached out to try find out more.

NyteFall's Cars and Stuff/YouTube NyteFall's Cars and Stuff/YouTube

The owner only got wind of the joyriding sessions when he discovered his sunglasses were missing when he looked over dashcam footage to see if he could spot who might have taken them. Instead, he found evidence showing the techs zooming around in his car.

The first employee was revving it hard at around third gear and went for a hard pull in a 45 mph zone. He nearly lost control of the car and almost slid into the oncoming lane. This was after the tech drove to fetch his lady friend, tossing out any ability for him to defend his actions as work-related.

The second guy also performed some pulls. After spotting the dashcam, he exclaimed, "It's good," and "Gotta make sure it's good for the customer," as if to justify his hot-rodding run.

NyteFall's Cars and Stuff/YouTube NyteFall's Cars and Stuff/YouTube

Note that this isn't the first time this happened. In August 2021, a brand-new C8 was taken on a 148-mph joyride and even raced against a Dodge Charger. Around the same period, an actual GM Employee was also caught on video taking another C8 for a spin.

What makes this latest instance more aggravating, though, is that not just one but two different dealership staffers did it to his Corvette.

While one of the previous joyride cases resulted in the dealership giving the owner a brand-new car, the same hasn't happened here. The owner says that after he brought these issues to the dealer's attention, he was refunded anything he paid. But, he says, "This does not make up for the potential damage they did or could have done to my car," and explains that "any remaining trust I had at the time of realizing they stole my sunglasses was shattered after viewing the footage."

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