Watch Crazy Frenchies Play Human Tetris In Live Traffic

French comedian Remi Gaillard is back with another gem.

French comedian Remi Gaillard seems to love tormenting drivers. We’ve seen him play Mario Kart in real life as well as dress up like a giant pigeon to poop on cars. Now Gaillard, with the help of some friends, is playing human Tetris on the streets of France. The end result is pretty damn funny and features a ton of pissed off motorists as the comedian and his crew block traffic and run into random cars. Although commutes were delayed no cars seem to have been damaged.

Gaillard and his team should consider themselves lucky that an angry motorist didn’t decide to test the integrity of a human Tetris combo. Oh, and that they didn't shoot this video in the world's road rage capital, Russia.

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