Watch Drake's Security Guard Stop Traffic For His Maybach

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And the rest of his motorcade.

Drake decided he wanted to hang out at the Toronto International Film Festival, and he wasn't just going to grab an Uber. No, the Canadian rapper and songwriter came to the event in fine style. Drake was being chauffeured around in his Maybach while the rest of his friends (extended family as well, perhaps?) was riding in a motorcade of Cadillac Escalades. Two Escalades, to be precise, as well as a Ford Expedition. Seems a bit excessive, and for the driver of a Tesla Model S it was outright obnoxious.

Of course the Tesla owner got the entire thing on his dash cam. It all starts when the Drake's Maybach turns right into traffic, directly in front of the Tesla. No big deal, right? Drake's bodyguard/traffic officer steps into the middle of the street to block the Tesla and all other cars or the sole purpose of keeping Drake's four-car motorcade together.

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The Tesla driver correctly points out to the friendly neighborhood volunteer traffic cop/bodyguard that he has the right of way. Apparently the bodyguard doesn't understand what "right of way" in this case means. He then threatens to "take your Tesla." Right. That'll definitely happen. Anyway, the Tesla driver didn't at all feel threatened by this and took the license plate numbers of the motorcade, for what little good that'll likely do. It's not like Drake is the Canadian Prime Minister or anything. He's simply a guest at the show who brought along a ton of friends. Does that alone give him and his crew the right to self-direct traffic simply to keep the motorcade together?

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