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Watch Eight Fast Fords Battle It Out On The Track With A Unique Twist

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Look out for the close call near the end when two Mustangs nearly make contact.

If you're looking for a fast Ford then you're in luck, because right now you're spoilt for choice. From the Focus RS hot hatch and Mustang GT muscle car, to the full fat GT racecar, Ford Performance offers something for everyone. There's now even an ST performance version of the Edge crossover. To promote its current line-up, Ford Performance gathered eight models at the Motorland race circuit near Barcelona, Spain, for a unique staggered time trial showdown to see what each car can do.

Obviously, being a video produced by Ford Performance means this isn't a very objective comparison and is designed to show how capable each car is out on the track. It does, however, give you a good idea where each model sits in the Ford Performance hierarchy and reminds us why we're still fuming about Ford's reluctance to bring the Fiesta ST to the US.

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Battling for supremacy in this unique showdown is the Ford F-150 Raptor, Fiesta ST, all-new Fiesta ST, Focus RS, Mustang GT, Mustang GT350R, Ford GT road car and Ford GT race car. Each car was driven by a professional race driver from the Ford Chip Ganassi Racing Team. Every car sets off at different intervals, starting with the F-150 Raptor which, being the slowest car on the grid, races off the line 11 seconds before the next car, the outgoing 2017 Fiesta ST. Two seconds later, the new Fiesta ST speeds off the line five seconds before the Focus RS. From there, the time intervals get progressively bigger until the GT race car chases after the Raptor 48 seconds after it started.

The showdown culminates in an eight-way battle through the final bends and finish straight. We won't spoil the winner, but it's obvious that the staggered starts were staged to create a photo finish. Look out for the close call on the final corner when the two Mustangs nearly make contact. That could have created a disastrous chain reaction, not to mention an expensive repair bill. "It was a hilarious shoot. Eight racing drivers all given a car to go flat-out in for a race. Anything could have happened and it almost did!" Harry Tincknell said after driving the new Fiesta ST. "It was amazing to be one of the first people to drive the all-new Ford Fiesta ST, one of the most popular cars in the world, and it handled like a dream. "