Watch Elon Musk And Jay Leno Take The Tesla Cybertruck For A Spin


The duo drive near the most appropriate place.

It's not everyday something like this happens. Being at the right place at the right time is vital. Thanks to Instagram user 'gorgeouserika', a short video has appeared showing not only the Tesla Cybertruck going for a cruise on Crenshaw Blvd near SpaceX headquarters but also carrying a couple of famous occupants: Elon Musk and Jay Leno.

The latter was behind the wheel as the duo was apparently filming a segment for an upcoming episode of "Jay Leno's Garage". Musk can be seen smiling and waving at the camera through the passenger side window, fully aware he's being filmed. He doesn't seem to mind.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Driving Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Overview Tesla

The segment being shot is probably also a big showcase for his companies in general. Despite being in the hotly-anticipated Cybertruck, Leno and Musk's route near SpaceX HQ was no coincidence. They also apparently drove past the Boring Company's Los Angeles test tunnel. Imagine the conversations taking place in the EV between these two industry and entertainment giants. Obviously, a good chunk of what was filmed won't make it to final production. Leno is no stranger to Tesla, having done a fairly recent segment involving the prototype of the upcoming second-generation Tesla Roadster.

Tesla, as we all know by now, is having a fantastic 2020. Not only are Tesla Model Y crossover deliveries rumored to get underway far sooner than expected, but Tesla's market value recently hit $100 billion for the first time earlier this month. It's now worth more than GM and Ford combined. Tesla Model 3 production issues are a thing of the past as well.


The automaker also got its Shanghai, China production facility up and running in a record amount of time - just 10 months. Competing automakers have taken notice. Tesla also just secured a deal to build yet another factory not far from Berlin, Germany.

The fact that Tesla is setting up shop near the capital of the country home to Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz is powerful both symbolically and its quest to become a global automaker.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Tesla
2017-2019 Tesla Model 3 Front View Driving Tesla
2021 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla

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2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Driving
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Overview

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