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Watch F3 Driver Sophia Floersch Go Airborne And Slam Into A Wall

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The only woman driver in Formula 3 has a bad day at the Macau Grand Prix.

Motorsport always has and always will be dangerous. Despite all of the advanced safety technologies that exist today, nothing is full proof against all accidents and, of course, the laws of physics. Risk is part of the sport and drivers accept this. Take 17-year-old German Formula 3 Dallara-Mercedes driver Sophia Floersch, for example (yes, she's only 17!). She just managed to survive a horrific head-on collision with a wall at the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix. When we first saw the crash video we feared for the worst. It all happened so quickly and fragments of her car were shot in all directions.

No word yet on what caused this nasty crash to happen but what we can confirm is that Floersch survived. We don't know her general condition or the extent of her injuries, but she did manage to provide an update for her fans on Twitter.

"Just wanted to let everybody know that I am fine but will be going into Surgery tomorrow (sic) morning. Thanks to everybody for the Supporting messages. Update soon." And there you have it. A survivor's note. Obviously, Floersch's F3 car is completely destroyed. Nothing is salvageable, as you can likely imagine. Before the race got underway, Floersch was sounding optimistic but also didn't discount the dangers.

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"I'm really happy to be here. Being in Macau represents a highlight of this era for me" she said to the Macau News Agency. "Today (last Thursday – ED) was free practice day. The track is crazy, but really good. Let's see how the weekend goes. I have to do my best and gain confidence with every lap I do. Then we'll see how the final will run, but I think everything is possible here," she added. Being the only woman in Formula 3 is difficult enough, but we hope her recovery and return to the driver's seat will be an easier task.