Watch Ferrari's Most Powerful V12 In Action

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The limited-edition hardcore F12 is being readied for a reveal in early 2016.

There was a small chance Ferrari would unveil the hardcore variant of the F12 at the Frankfurt Motor Show last month. That didn't happen, as like the rest of its most important cars, Ferrari wants the F12 GTO (as most people are calling it) to be unveiled on the biggest stage of all: Geneva. Thanks to Automotive Mike, we have this video of the car testing nearby the Ferrari factory in Maranello. The limited edition F12 will be packing the most powerful naturally-aspirated V12 engine Ferrari has ever made with the 6.3-liter V12 upgraded to deliver 760 hp.

Combined with a 440-pound reduction in weight, the power-to-weight ratio of the F12 GTO will be upped from 447 hp to 531 hp per ton, putting it on par with the Porsche 918 Spyder. 0-62 mph will happen in less than three seconds.

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