Watch Ferrari's Le Mans Hypercar Race Around Monza

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This thing sounds utterly spectacular.

Back in June of this year, Ferrari gave us our first shadowy look at its upcoming Le Mans hypercar contender, which is expected to influence the performance capabilities of the automaker's next-generation LaFerrari replacement, reportedly due in 2024. The World Endurance Championship program will also influence Maranello's everyday cars in time, eventually making the 296 GTB and SF90 Stradale look like obsolete relics of yesteryear. But first, Ferrari has to show that it's a serious contender and to do that, it needs to ensure that its package is the best it can be. Ahead of the endurance racer's reveal on Sunday, October 30, a prototype of the hypercar has been filmed testing on track, and it sounds glorious.


Unfortunately, the resolution on this video shot at Monza is not exactly top-notch. That's because, although this test was not held behind closed doors, the YouTuber who filmed this reports that "marshalls and security guys tried to discourage those they saw around the track recording and taking pictures with 'professional' equipment," so he used a GoPro and a pocket-sized camcorder to film this footage. Fortunately, the audio was recorded with a Zoom H5, which has microphones with "amazing quality."

Unfortunately, we still do not know what engine Ferrari has chosen to go for here, but the common expectation seems to be a twin-turbo V6, which will obviously be hybridized.


As we touched on, the car will be revealed at the end of the week at the Ferrari World Finals at Imola, but between now and the car's racing debut next year at Sebring in March, Ferrari is trying to rack up as many testing miles as possible. Ferrari's sports car racing division's boss, Antonello Coletta, lamented earlier this month that track testing only began in July, while some other competitors have been testing for over a year. But since this is Ferrari we're talking about, you can be sure that the hypercar will eke out as much performance as it legally can under the Balance of Performance regulations, and the more testing Ferrari can do, the better.


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