Watch Ford Demonstrate Its Badass New Police Interceptor Ballistic Protection

Continuing to keep America's finest safe.

This isn’t something America’s police departments have to install themselves. No, this comes directly from the Ford factory, as we wrote about a few days ago. The latest Ford Police Interceptor, now offered with ballistic panels that protect against armor-piercing rifle ammunition. Offered on both the sedan and SUV, these panels have a US Department of Justice standard Type IV ballistic protection. Ford says these are the first "pursuit-rated" police vehicles in the country to offer this level of protection.

Ford says that "while the number of shootouts between police and criminals using high-powered, armor-piercing rifle ammunition is low, they are unfortunately becoming more common." Type III panels, already offered, are "rated to protect against all handgun and non-armor piercing bullets up to .30 caliber."

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