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Watch GMC Sierra's Carbon Fiber Bed Get Smashed With A Sledgehammer

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And various other heavy objects.

The new 2019 GMC Sierra is now being offered with one very unique feature: an optional carbon fiber bed. The CarbonPro bed was designed and engineered to take serious beatings by heavy objects like cinder blocks, steel barrels, and even a sledgehammer. This short but telling video demonstrates all of those items being used against this new bed and, lo and behold, there's no damage (at least to the bed). The video was even produced in slow motion just to make everything even more fun to watch as the bed's surface takes some serious abuse.

To give you a really good idea just how strong and durable the CarbonPro bed tech is, take note of the cinder block after it strikes the bed's surface. See all of that white dust and debris? That's from the block disintegrating.

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The bed not only survives unscathed, but there's not even the slightest dent or minor discoloration. Impressive. Typically, carbon fiber is reserved for race cars and supercars (even spacecraft) thanks to its light weight and durability. Up until now, we've never seen it utilized by an OEM as a truck bed material, and the results fully speak for themselves. GMC claims its new CarbonPro offers best-in-class dent, scratch, and corrosion resistance.

For now, it's only offered on the GMC Sierra, but GM has indicated this won't be the case forever. In other words, the more popular and less expensive Chevrolet Silverado will eventually get this option.

This industry-first carbon fiber truck bed features carbon fiber reinforced plastic instead of traditional steel inner panels. Not only is the result stronger but it also weighs 62 pounds less. This translates to an improved payload capacity as well. Even the CarbonPro surface has what's described as a "gritty" textured surface that helps prevent objects from unwanted sliding.

You can get this new CarbonPro bed only on the 2019 Sierra AT4 1500 and Denali 1500, with pricing beginning at $66,635 and $70,020, respectively.