Watch Gordon Murray Deliver His Verdict On The GMA T.50

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The engineer behind the McLaren F1 is thoroughly impressed with the supercar that bears his name.

Following a long and rigorous development period, Gordon Murray Automotive is ready to sign off on the incredible T.50 supercar. And who better to give their blessing than the man behind the project himself?

In a new video, retired racing driver Dario Franchitti delivers the car to Gordon Murray's home to get the final blessing from the father of the T.50. "The development team is happy, the test drivers are happy, and I'm happy. We're ready for your sign-off," says Franchitti.

A calm and collected Murray gets behind the wheel, firing up the engine. Meandering down a country lane, Murray quickly joins a motorway and unleashes the incredible 656-horsepower V12 engine, and it responds with an almighty howl reminiscent of old F1 cars.

Gordon Murray Automotive

The serious, steel-eyed expression Murray is known for quickly fades into a smile as he explores the rest of the rev range. With a subtle grin and a chuckle, the engineering genius returns, clearly impressed by his latest project. "Fantastic, this really is the next [McLaren] F1, and that was my intention four years ago," he said.

"I didn't really want to make something that was in another world from the F1. It just had to deliver what that car did, but just better ... and that's what it does. [The T.50] is such a driver-focused, exciting car to drive. And the engine? Wow. It's just mind-boggling."

Murray says it's amazing to think the engine is only a 4.0-liter, given the way it delivers its torque. Unlike the latest crop of supercars, so easy to drive that a toddler could do it, the T.50 was designed to be a raw, visceral experience.

Gordon Murray Automotive

While it's far from intimidating, the T.50 isn't the sort of car that lets you just put your foot down anywhere. "That's exactly what the F1 did," explains Murray. "It's a car that, if you treat it with respect, virtually anybody can drive it. But if you start squeezing the throttle more, you need to concentrate," he laughs. "But that's what a sports car should be."

So what's the verdict? Murray is besotted, of course.

The T.50 recently went into production, with the South African-born genius signing the chassis of the first example. Unfortunately, the incredible supercar is not destined for the United States, owing to its central-driving position. However, the good news is that the new T.33 will be legal on our roads - sadly, all of them are already spoken for.

Gordon Murray Automotive

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