Watch: Gordon Murray Opens New Test Track With Epic Drive Of His Coolest Cars

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The track will be used to test all new vehicles to come from the company.

Gordon Murray Automotive has released a new video about the completion of the company's new test track and test road. The track is located at Windlesham, Surrey, UK, and is part of 'Highams Park,' the global HQ and technology campus of the company where all of the company's future vehicles will be designed and produced.

This test track is going to be a vital component of this process as each T.50 and T.33 produced is going to be vigorously shaken down to make sure it is up to the high standards the company holds. Sir Gordon Murray states that he doesn't want any customer cars to be tested on regular roads, and this track will allow much great control over the build process.

Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube

Apart from the actual circuit, the company has also designated a portion of the track to what it calls "special surfaces." This will be used to simulate 'bad roads' the vehicles may come across in their lives to make sure they're up for the challenge.

Sir Murray designed the track himself and says that he had some fun doing it. It was meant to use the lay of the land to make something flowing and realistic, letting the test drivers know how the vehicles would perform in the real world. It's not meant to be a high-speed track as much as a final test for the groundbreaking driving machines.

The whole goal is to be as methodical as possible with each vehicle. It's not about taking the cars around the track a set number of times as much as it's giving each vehicle the time it needs to make sure it's as close to perfect as possible before reaching the customer's hands. Basically, breaking the car in so you don't have to.

Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube

In the short video, once the tape is cut, we get a chance to see a few cars whipped briskly around the track. We say briskly because it's only meant for cars to be driven about 30 mph around the track, although the drivers seem to push these cars a little for the video. You can see a few T.50 prototypes taken around the curves and even Sir Murray's very first car, the IGM Ford, piloted by the man himself.

It isn't the first time we've seen the T.50 on the track, but we'll never say we're getting tired of seeing it. The car is a technological marvel and a sign of great things to come for the brand. Unfortunately, it will not be road legal here in America, but luckily we'll still be able to enjoy the T.33, which is sure to keep us satisfied for the time being.

Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube

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