Watch Han Drive Toyota GR Supra In Fast & Furious 9

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The Toyota GR Supra in 'Fast 9' is clearly an homage to Paul Walker's car in the first film.

Fast & Furious films may not be renowned for compelling storylines, but Fast 9 has plenty of plot twists that shake up the franchise. Not only does Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto have a brother that has conveniently never been mentioned before, but Han somehow survived the crash that seemingly killed him in Tokyo Drift.

We'll find out how he cheated death when Fast 9 opens in US theaters in just a couple of weeks. To get us excited, a new clip from Fast 9 been released showing Han back in action behind the wheel of a Toyota GR Supra.

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Finished in orange, the GR Supra featured in 'Fast 9' is clearly a homage to the 1994 Toyota Supra driven by the late Paul Walker in the first Fast & Furious film. In a bit of kismet, the original car will be sold at auction this month.

In one of the film's biggest action scenes, Toretto and his crew equip their cars with massive electromagnets, resulting in absolute carnage. During the clip, Han pulls off a handbrake turn in the GR Supra before reversing at high speed and switches the magnet's polarity to hook the back of the Supra to an armored truck, which then tows the car down the street. Han and Mia then climb out of the moving GR Supra and commandeer the armored truck.

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In the same scene, Toretto drives a custom mid-engine Dodge Charger, while Letty is behind the wheel of a . Sadly, it doesn't look like the GR Supra will survive the scene in one piece as it gets crushed by a gigantic armored truck that flips over.

In another scene, the crew uses these magnets to pull a Toyota 86 through a building and onto a moving delivery truck. This stunt was done for real and took eight months to prepare. If magnet cars aren't crazy enough for you, 'Fast 9' also features a rocket-powered Pontiac Fiero flying into space. At this point, so many action clips and plot details have been revealed that we feel like we've already watched the entire film. But we'll be there, day one, because we're nerds.

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