Watch Hartge Boost a BMW 535i GT by 56 HP in Seconds

Squeezing more power out of this family car without ever getting caught by the wife.

Say what you will about the BMW 535i GT’s design, the car has a massive interior and offers excellent utility for the family man who can’t bring home an M5. With 0-62 mph times of 6.3 seconds, 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft as standard, it isn't a bad driving machine either. But for dads who want to get more boost from their GTs, Hartge is offering this quick upgrade device, which squeezes 362hp and 354 lb-ft in addition to improved pedal response, performance and economy out of the car.

What’s most impressive about the kit is that it gets the job done in seconds flat, letting you commit the perfect family-car crime without ever raising suspicion. Check it out:

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