Watch How Audi's New Cars Talk To Traffic Lights To Get You Places Faster


For those stoplight drag racers out there, now may be a good time to look into RS models.

It's a small wonder that Audis have never been featured as star cars in the James Bond series because given the sheer amount of technology that the German automaker throws into its products, one would think that Q himself is working behind the scenes at the Four Rings. In its latest tech rollout, Audi has introduced its new V to I technology in its cars. The term V to I is short for vehicle to infrastructure, meaning the car talks to the city's roadway infrastructure and gathers information to display to the driver.

So far the technology is only available in Nevada, but in all likelihood it will expand to other cities as the benefits are recognized. While Audi is the first automaker to roll out the tech, it is far from the only one that's toyed with the idea, so we can expect other automakers to unveil similar systems too.

As of now, the technology is pretty limited. For example, when coming up to a red light, a timer will appear telling the driver how much time they have until the light turns green. This means that drivers can plan ahead and, if time permits, change the radio station or fiddle with the navigation system. It should also help impatient drivers feel less stressed waiting for the light to turn green. We can also imagine that it helps stoplight drag racers know when to hit the throttle. The benefit that Nevada's traffic control centers receives is that it now has the ability to assess real time traffic flow data. Not too shabby, Audi.

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