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The EV is produced at the brand's headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

It has been four years since Porsche started the production of the Taycan, with a facelifted version expected to come out next year. The units are produced in the brand's headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and the YouTube channel Frame gives us a virtual tour of the factory.

ARB robots hold and bolt the vehicle frame assembly pieces together, with the smaller parts soldered while the larger ones are welded. This machine also integrates components like the sunroof into the assembly.

Before painting the shells, the body in white (BIW) is inspected to ensure proper manufacturing. The body enters a pretreatment zirconium bath for corrosion protection and better paint adhesion.

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Automated dusters clean the surface before applying the color layers. Each unit receives three colored layers plus a primer layer. Workers then inspect the painted shells visually and by touch in a specially lighted cabin.

Porsche has a dedicated facility for producing electric motors for its EV and hybrid models like the Panamera E-Hybrid and Cayenne E-Hybrid. For the Taycan, the EV is equipped with a synchronous motor with hairpin winding. It is paired with a two-speed transmission, the brand's answer to slow acceleration at highway speeds. The plant uses an automated vehicle to move the powertrain to a testing rig to check for defects.

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The installation of wiring harnesses is carried out by highly trained technicians assisted by robotic systems. One of which is a round mount where the units can be rotated for easier access to various installation points. A specialized handler is used to mount the dashboard, including the instrument panel, safely in place.

Part of the finishing stages of the production includes testing on a dynamometer and inspection in a well-lit tunnel again to see the smallest of defects.

Porsche may be working hard to keep combustion engines alive, but as shown in this factory tour video, the automaker isn't holding back with its electric vehicles, especially in terms of production.

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