Watch How The World's Smallest Overlander Was Built And Tested

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It's based on the truly terrible Smart ForTwo.

There's no shortage of off-road camper conversions out there. Our favorite is the Toyota Tacozilla, even though the Japanese brand decided against putting it into production. The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Camper is also epic, but it costs $250,000 and is pretty large and hard to park. What to do if you have limited money and parking space?

You buy a Smart ForTwo and convert it into an off-roader with a roof-mounted tent. Ridiculous? Absolutely, but that hasn't stopped a UK-based camping enthusiast from having a go. Gotham Garage did something similar earlier this year but did not go as far as mounting a tent on the top.

Silverline Tools/YouTube Silverline Tools/YouTube

If you've ever driven a ForTwo, you'll know the last thing it needs is additional weight. The only way to make it even worse is by increasing the center of gravity, which is precisely what this modification has done. Mercifully, the additional 400 pounds of weight (estimated) should slow the car down to walking speeds.

Like all earlier Smarts, this one has a small three-pot engine without much power at all. It has a truly horrifying automated manual gearbox, which goes through an existential crisis every time you decide to change gear. At least it's rear-wheel drive, and the engine is mounted over the rear axle. It's like 50% of a Porsche 911. The combination of RWD and the engine's weight should at least make it semi-capable when the going gets tough.

Silverline Tools/YouTube Silverline Tools/YouTube Silverline Tools/YouTube

After slating the poor little car so severely, we must admit that it looks insanely cool with all the overlanding kit attached.

The conversion even looks reasonably easy thanks to the Smart's easily removable body panels. This was one of the car's coolest unique selling points, as you could easily replace the panels if you bump into something. Years later, we now know that the removable panels provide easy access to the suspension in case you want to modify it. In this case, a set of 50 mm (two-inch) spacers.

A set of mud-terrain tires also adds a few additional millimeters of lift.

Silverline Tools/YouTube Silverline Tools/YouTube

The external roll cage is mounted directly to the Smart's subframe. It looks terrific, and it's functional. Not only will it protect the occupants in case of a rollover, but it also provides a mounting point for the rooftop tent. Other mods include a LED light bar, LED spotlights mounted on the roll cage, and a tiny front-mounted winch.

In a later video, the Smart Car Camper goes on a short trip to showcase its camping prowess. It works beautifully, and we can't wait to see how it does off-road.

As odd as it may seem, we think the car will go much further than expected. The grip is in the right place thanks to the Smart's layout, and the approach, breakover, and departure angles all appear to be superb thanks to the Smart's diminutive stature.

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