Watch How They Filmed Cars Parachuting From a Plane In Furious 7

You can't use CGI for everything.

Last week we were treated to a Furious 7 extended first look trailer, where the crew drove cars out of a plane and parachuted down to earth. Now we’ve been given the chance to see just how that epic stunt was pulled off. While there’s some CGI involved - obviously the actors were never near the cars when they were pushed out of a C-130 cargo plane - the rest of the stunt is legit: A bunch of cars equipped with parachutes were actually chucked out of a plane followed by a skydiving film crew. That's just nuts.

While airborne, the crew captured the cars backing out of the plane and stayed with them as they parachuted to the ground. Check out the behind the scenes footage here if you don’t believe us.

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