Watch How This Stunning 1965 Corvette Stingray Invaded Belgium

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Its V8 did all of the talking.

It doesn't happen so often but every now and then classic all-American V8 muscle is the preferred passion for a European car enthusiast. Of course there are plenty of Porsches, Astons and Alfas to choose from, but the thundering sound of a big V8 is hard, if not outright impossible, to ignore. Petrolicious recently caught up with Mathieu Houtreille, a life-long gearhead from Luxembourg, Belgium. His father infused in him that car passion from an early age, but the elder Houtreille preferred Italian cars.

His son, however, caught the American V8 bug big time. Specifically, he developed a passion for C1, C2 and C3 Corvettes. We don't blame him, and yet he was considered something of an anomaly amongst fellow Belgium car people. Too bad for them.

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After purchasing his first Corvette, a C3, at age 25, Mathieu went on a road trip to the US and realized he was a closeted American. The never ending roads and wide open spaces caught his heart, as well as the C2 Corvette, which he saw in the flesh at a Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas. Not long after returning home, he saw an ad for a C2 and the rest is history. Its V8 thundering roar still scares the locals. Awesome.

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