Watch Hundreds Of Classic Ferraris Create The World's Most Expensive Traffic Jam At Fiorano

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From historic race cars to iconic supercars, the Cavalcade Classiche has the best selection of Ferraris we've ever seen.

It's that time of the year again when the most sought-after Ferraris come together at the Ferrari Cavalcade Classiche in Italy, and the recent outing did not disappoint. YouTuber Varryx captured most of the action from the three-day event, from glorious-sounding V8 and V12 cars to the new age of V6 hybrids championed by the Ferrari 296.

Held from September 20-24, the event was attended by the likes of the 166MM, 212 Inter, 750 Monza, GT Berlinetta Lusso, 275, and 365 GTB4. As a prestigious gathering, the Ferrari 250 wasn't left out either, with the procession of classic Prancing Horses including some of the most expensive Ferraris ever.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

Ferrari vice-chairman Piero Ferrari, son of founder Enzo Ferrari, attended the event in an F50. His grandson, Enzo Mattioli Ferrari, was also in attendance, driving an F40. He was happy he got to drive the iconic F40 for the first time, which was the last car supervised by his great-grandfather and namesake.

The Ferrari Purosangue dressed in the unique Verde Dora paint owned by Piero Ferrari was also spotted at the event. According to the Italian automaker, only one percent of all Ferraris are painted green, making the VP's Ferrari SUV a looker among the sea of Prancing Horse-badged cars.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

The first rollout day saw a 155-mile drive through Tuscan Hills, including a coffee stop at Casole d'Elsa, a medieval village near Siena. Another drive through Tuscany was held the following day, where entrants drove for 140 miles. The third and final day took drivers up north to cross the Apennines.

As you can imagine, the scenes were majestic, further elevated by the Ferraris that graced the event. The 30-minute compilation is heaven-sent for Ferrari fans who couldn't make it to the occasion.

As if this occasion wasn't special enough, it was followed just days later by 40 Ferrari F40s cruising through Tuscany in an even crazier sight to behold.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

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