Watch Insane Lamborghini Huracans Both Achieve Seven-Second Quarters

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The Italian supercars continue the hunt for 6s.

In its standard guise, the Lamborghini Huracan Evo can run a quarter-mile time of about 10.9 seconds which is why this particular drag build is so ridiculous. AMS Performance's Alpha Omega Drag Huracan is an Italian supercar built to break hearts at the drag strip. Last year, the 3,000-horsepower bull smashed the Huracan world record with a time of 7.33, but it's returned to the track in 2022 to break the 6-second bracket.

In its quest, it was recently paired against a fellow modified Huracan which was also able to finish in the same time bracket. With the Alpha Omega clearing a time of 7.741 seconds and the red Huracan 7.941 seconds, this marks the first time that two Lamborghinis have run side-by-side and achieved a sub-eight-second time.

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The Alpha Omega Huracan was built by AMS Performance, a tuning company that is arguably the leader in making supercars into extreme drag machines, whether they're Italian Lambos or Japanese GT-Rs. Its goal with any build that gets the Alpha Omega name is to, quite frankly, humiliate the competition. Over the past few years, the company's rivalry with fellow Lamborghini tuner Underground Racing (UR) has heated up, with last year's TX2K event the intended arena of battle. But while UR had the most to say on social media, AMS came, saw, and conquered without reply while UR experienced a number of heartbreaking mechanical failures. Despite this, UR is still talking a lot of smack online as the two prepare to battle each other again.

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Underground Racing appears to be the company to go for if you want a fast street build, while AMS is once again proving that it dominates the strip, but that could change this year. UR has been working on a number of shocking builds and has added twin-turbo kits to some of the rarest Lambos out there, including the Aventador SVJ and Huracan STO. With such affluent customers, UR has surely directed some of its extra cash flow towards further developing its race program. We'll be watching both tuners closely as the rivalry develops, but all the chitchat will come to an end from March 16-20 at TX2k 2022. We can't wait to see which team emerges victorious.

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