Watch It Fly: This Is The Fastest Mercedes-AMG GT On The Planet

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We're talking supercar fast here.

Tuning house Renntech has just announced it has created a Mercedes-AMG GT that can clock the quarter-mile in the tens. Thanks to a remapped ECU (priced at $3,495) and a custom exhaust with downpipes and a 200-cell sport catalytic converter ($4,940), the AMG GT packs a punch of around 600 hp. That, combined with a set of ADV5.2 Track Spec CS alloys, enabled the car to reach the quarter-mile mark in 10.94 seconds at a time of 128 mph.

If this is what an aftermarket tuning outfit can do, just imagine what else AMG has in store for its latest creation. For now, watch Renntech's work fly here:

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