Watch James Bond's Latest Aston Martin Shred Rubber

It's such a pretty thing.

When vehicles gosideways in movies, it’s usually a talented stunt driver behind the wheel ofthe vehicle. James Bond has always had an amazing vehicle to skid around in,but the new Aston Martin DB10 promises to be one of the best. To give the fansa little taste of what’s to come, Aston Martin released this video titled: "Builtfor Bond…Aston Martin DB10." In it, we get a full minute of stunt driver MarkHiggins sliding the DB10 around like a rag doll. And it’s glorious.

The DB10’s incredible4.7-liter V8 doesn’t sound that bad either. The video below might be the best one-minuteof your day. There’s also a nice surprise at the end, so stick around.

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