Watch Jay Leno Drive The Ferrari F40

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Is this the best car Leno has ever had in his garage?

Jay Leno has been on a roll lately. On his show Jay Leno's Garage, he invited successful business owner David Lee to bring over his collection of Ferrari hypercars. For the show, Leno got to drive the LaFerrari with the F40, F50, Enzo and 288 GTO on the same track. While the LaFerrari is an impressive car, the one that we would want to drive the most out of that bunch is the F40. The F40 is not the rarest of the group with over 1,300 examples built, but it may be the most legendary supercar of all time. And Leno finally got to drive it.

Jay Leno's Garage may be a television show now, buy Leno hasn't forgotten about his YouTube channel which shares the same name. Lee brought his 1990 F40 and gives Leno the chance to drive it.

So what makes the F40 so special? Well, the car was so good, that Ferrari only planned to build around 400 examples but ended up making over three times as many due to overwhelming demand. The F40 is powered by a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 with 471 horsepower. The car was incredibly light thanks to a body made of kevlar, carbon fiber, and aluminum. The F40 had almost no features on the interior, and was handled a bit like a go-kart on steroids. It was the fastest car in the world in 1987 when it could hit 201 mph. Nothing before or since really drives like the F40, and many people have speculated that it is the best driving car that has ever been built.

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