Watch Jay Leno's New Ford GT Get A Protective Wrap Job

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Something's gotta protect that luscious carbon fiber.

This isn't the first time Jay Leno has hired Protective Film Solutions to take extra special care of his latest (and very expensive) toy. Previously, Leno's McLaren P1 received the clear film treatment, and now it's his new Ford GT's turn. The orange-on-black GT, as should be expected, is a car Leno plans to drive on a regular basis. Heck, none of his many, many cars are permanent museum fixtures. But the GT is special for many reasons, such as its carbon fiber body panels.

A pebble has the ability to cause body and paint damage, so imagine what larger rocks and various other pieces of the road can do. Either as a way to encourage fellow exotic and supercar owners to do the same, or as a promotional push (perhaps both), Leno's film crew documented the covering process for all of us to see.

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It's much more intricate than you'd imagine. Protective Film Solutions was actually given full access to the Ford GT's dimensions and final design before just about everyone in order to get the clear covering prepped. While the application process is the same, the material itself, compared to what's on the P1, has been further improved. It was hardly visible before and nearly invisible now.

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